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HAL : Dernières publications

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HAL : Dernières publications

Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-02448508] Fragmentation Dynamics of Atomic and Molecular Clusters

    23 janvier, par (A. Méry), A. Méry
    We report our results from collisions between multiply charged Ar9+ and Xe20+ ions and atomic or molecular dimers. In such systems, the presence of a surrounding environment may give rise to specific energy relaxation mechanisms. For atomic dimers, we found that the low electron mobility along (...)
  • [hal-02440035] Investigating Shakeoff Process in Precise Correlation Measurements in Nuclear β Decay

    15 janvier, par (E. Liénard), E. Liénard
    Precise measurements of correlations in nuclear β decays are currently employed to probe the Standard Model. When the β particle and recoiling daughter ion are detected in coincidence, these measurements further allow the observation of the ion charge-state distribution which results from the (...)

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