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HAL : Dernières publications

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HAL : Dernières publications

Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-01903455] New “3D calorimetry” of hot nuclei

    16 janvier, par (E. Vient), E. Vient
    In the Fermi energy domain, it is extremely complex to experimentally isolate fragments and particles emitted by a hot nucleus produced during a heavy ion collision. This article presents a new method to characterize more precisely hot quasiprojectiles. It tries to take into account as (...)
  • [hal-01975522] Reactivity monitoring of the accelerator driven VENUS-F subcritical reactor with the “current-to-flux” method

    16 janvier, par (N. Marie), N. Marie
    In this article, we evaluate the quality and robustness of a method envisaged for the on-line monitoring of the subcriticality of an ADS, called the ‘‘current-to flux” (CTF) method. For this evaluation, we performed a dedicated experiment at the GUINEVERE facility. It is hosted at the SCK-CEN and (...)
  • [hal-01953173] Recent developments of the FALSTAFF experimental setup

    16 janvier, par (A. Chietera), A. Chietera
    The study of nuclear fission is encountering renewed interest with the development of GEN-IV reactor concepts, mostly working in the neutron fast energy domain. To support the fast reactor technologies, new high quality nuclear data are needed. New facilities are being constructed to produce (...)