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HAL : Dernières publications

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HAL : Dernières publications

Articles syndiqués

  • [cea-02389458] A physical tool for severe accident mitigation studies

    3 décembre, par (N. Marie), N. Marie
    Within the framework of the Generation IV Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors (SFR) R and D program of CEA, the core behavior in case of severe accidents is being assessed. Such transients are usually simulated with mechanistic codes (such as SIMMER-III). As a complement to this code, which gives (...)
  • [hal-02307899] The Neutrons for Science Facility at SPIRAL-2

    9 octobre, par (X. Ledoux), X. Ledoux
    The neutrons for science (NFS) facility is a component of SPIRAL-2, the new superconducting linear accelerator built at GANIL in Caen (France). The proton and deuteron beams delivered by the accelerator will allow producing intense neutron fields in the 100 keV–40 MeV energy range. Continuous (...)
  • [hal-01945053] Development of a Quality Assurance Process for the SoLid Experiment

    4 septembre, par (Y. Abreu), Y. Abreu
    The SoLid experiment has been designed to search for an oscillation pattern induced by a light sterile neutrino state, utilising the BR2 reactor of SCK•CEN, in Belgium. The detector leverages a new hybrid technology, utilising two distinct scintillators in a cubic array, creating a highly (...)