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HAL : Dernières publications

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HAL : Dernières publications

Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-02159785] Study of multi-neutron emission in the $\beta$-decay of $^{11}$Li

    4 septembre, par (F. Delaunay), F. Delaunay
    The kinematics of two-neutron emission following the $\beta$-decay of $^11$Li was investigated for the first time by detecting the two neutrons in coincidence and by measuring their angle and energy. An array of liquid-scintillator neutron detectors was used to reject cosmic-ray and (...)
  • [hal-02116537] Study of multi-neutron systems with SAMURAI spectrometer

    4 septembre, par (Z.H. Yang), Z.H. Yang
    The tetraneutron has been drawing the attention of the nuclear physics community for decades, but a firm conclusion on its existence and properties is still far from being reached despite many experimental and theoretical efforts. New measurements have recently been performed at RIBF with the (...)
  • [hal-02116484] Influence of the n-p asymmetry on decay properties of palladium isotopes

    4 septembre, par (P. St-Onge), P. St-Onge
    The INDRA 4π-array was coupled with the high acceptance spectrometer VAMOS to study the decay of palladium isotopes with a large range of N/Z = 1–1.26, produced in the 34,36,40Ar + 58,60,64Ni reactions at E/A = 13.3 MeV. The coupling of both apparatuses gives the opportunity to detect complete (...)
  • [hal-02136262] Isospin transport properties in nuclear matter : Light clusters as isospin tracker

    4 septembre, par (M. Henri), M. Henri
    The study of transport properties is a key point to determine energy dissipation and isospin transport for heavy-ion–induced collisions in the Fermi energy domain. This can be achieved by measuring the nuclear stopping linked to the in-medium mean free path λ∗ NN of nucleons in nuclear matter. The (...)